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Protect Your Family and Your Home!

Our Security & Intrusion Detection Systems Will Keep Your Family Safe! Piece of mind for your loved ones
Home security systems offer more than just burglar alarms. They can be configured to monitor doors and windows and they can also detect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, freezing temperatures, and rising water.

Prevent loss of life and property

Security, fire, and access control systems are effective in preventing loss of life and property. What types of security and how much you need can only be determined on a case-by-case basis. Whatever your needs, Advanced Protection Services has the solution.

Save money on insurance
Did you know that insurance companies commonly offer discounts of 10% or more when premises are protected by electronic security systems? Advanced Protection Services will help you to choose the right system to protect your family and property, whether you are on the premises or away.

Provide Safety For Your Loved OnesOur solution to your security needs
Our solution is simple. A variety of systems provided and installed by one company, with only one company to call when you need support or maintenance service.

First and foremost, your family needs to feel safe
Your home is a safe haven, providing security from the threats you face each and every day. It’s also your single most expensive investment of time and money and worth protecting. Nearly 75% of all crimes reported to the U.S. Department of Criminal Justice are property crimes, and nearly 2.5 million home burglaries occur in the U.S. each year.

Don't wait until it's too late
Homeowners don't realize their vulnerability until experiencing a break-in. They awaken to the sound of breaking glass and footsteps, or arrive home to discover a terrible scene. A home burglary occurs every 12 seconds, and approximately 4 additional homes will likely be burglarized by the time you finish reading this information.

Providing remote and automatic control of home security systems, including:
Fire Alarms
Intrusion Alarms
Video Surveillance
Access Control
Temperature Monitoring
Custom Installations
24 hour Alarm Monitoring
Business Security

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