Fire Alarm Systems


The threat of fire is real and can be devastating to any business. Catastrophic loss of life, destruction of valuable assets and lost revenue is every business manager’s greatest fear. A professionally installed Marshal fire alarm system is designed to detect the elements of fire and provide early warning to employees and responding emergency services agencies. One thing is for certain — professionally designed, installed, monitored and maintained fire alarm systems save lives and property.

• Comprehensive fire alarm system design and submittals
• Support of initiating devices and notification appliances
• Sprinkler system supervision
• Periodic testing, inspections and maintenance
• Integrated and expandable fire and security platforms
• 24-Hour UL Listed fire system monitoring
• UL, ADA, NFPA, and local codes compliant

“APS gives us peace of mind, so we can focus on sticking to business.”

One big security threat could actually be your fire alarm. True. An alarm that isn’t functioning properly could be even worse than no alarm at all—by giving everyone a false sense of security. APS Fire Alarm Systems are an intelligent life safety system providing smoke and fire detection, sprinkler supervision and emergency communications. You don’t have to worry about a system that won’t function, because our system monitors itself.

  • System automatically signals our APS 24-hour UL Monitoring Center for diagnostic information and quick emergency assistance.
  • Intelligent, microprocessor-based devices, including multi-sensor detectors that provide early warning of smoke and fire conditions, and the virtual elimination of nuisance alarms.
  • An advanced distributed, digital audio communication system facilitates the safe, orderly evacuation of occupants.

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